10 Ways to advertise your business simply and cheaply

We’ve prepared this post to share 10 ways to advertise your business because we, as entrepreneurs, always ask ourselves how we can attract more customers through marketing and communication, right?

Often in the midst of a crisis, low budget, lean staff, every entrepreneur wants to find ways to invest in their business, attracting more customers at a good cost-benefit.

There are some simple and inexpensive ways that can make all the difference in advertising any business and it is a good start for those who are starting and do not have much money to invest.

Of course, it takes a lot of planning, organization, mapping the target audience, etc., but that’s a topic for another day! Not to mention that first of all you need to have a well-designed logo, a defined visual identity, a branding proposal ready, but you know that, right? Well, if not yet, we can also talk about another topic!

Below are some tools you can use to advertise your business without spending so much.

Flyer, Catalog or Information Brochure

Prepare informative, direct and simple material that attracts the consumer to your business. What is not disclosed is not found! So map where your target audience is and consciously deliver this material at strategic points, even sending it by mail to a potential customer, or even making this material available at other physical points of partners or some places where your customer frequents.

Prepare a flyer with attractive photos, information that you can track as a QR Code, or a Catalog showing a part of your product line that instigates your customer to visit your website, or to contact you to learn more. These materials are baits to attract that customer that you both expected subtly and inexpensively.

Several printers do promotions if you print this material in large quantities. So take advantage of it, but distribute with awareness.

Attractive Packaging

Have you ever stopped to think that a simple bag, a box, a sticker, even your employee’s uniform is a way to promote your company? When you see a neat package, made with professionalism, an attractive design, a potential customer can look for you through this. So not only the logo, including a phone, a website, and even a tagline showing your business line, the customer may not know your product yet but they already know this look, this design and will want to know more about it.


Not only the packaging, but the facade of your company, a banner on a busy road, can attract attention and generate a business. Of course, more elaborate signage tends to be a higher investment, but if you are still unable to invest heavily in signage at the beginning, you can at least invest in some elements that are cheaper but that direct the client to your business and publicize it. Whether through a sticker on the facade, a banner, a sign, a pavement sign or a projecting sign, all to attract your customer’s attention.

Vehicle Wrap

Once again, the signage demonstrates not only the professionalism of a company that is concerned with identifying itself, being professional, but directing the attention of its client. Vehicle Wrap can be done in the most complete way, covering the entire vehicle, in the most creative ways with a very eye-catching design, but to start, a simple sticker with your logo, phone, website, and speaking your line of business already it is a good start and puts your brand in people’s eyes and makes an advertisement with a unique investment for a long time.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is an inexpensive way to reach potential customers and also retain existing ones. There are free tools on the market that offer templates, tools to assist you in planning, importing contacts, automated and scheduled email marketing and even informing you about the results of the shipment. You can talk about a new product line, talk about some other news, announce special opening hours, remember a commemorative date, and various information can be passed on.

The advantage of email marketing is that you have your customer’s attention more focused, unlike social networks where there is a bombardment of information.

But be careful, you have to have authorization from customers to send these emails to not turn into spam, so make sure that existing and potential customers have authorized this sending, ok?

Participate in events and encourage networking

Participating in events, even if online, generates networking. Show the person behind your business, humanize, hand over a business card, a catalogue, generate connection, speak, chat, tell your story, people will relate to you, identify themselves, and often refer you without often nor have they used your product, just because they saw your truth. Cheaper than that? Impossible! You will spend a lot on saliva! An investment of time too, but in return you gain a lot in knowledge, learning and generate connections that even not immediately can bring you benefits in the future, not necessarily immediately or directly. In any contact with anyone, if we have an open ear, we always learn something new.

Business card

The good old business card. Yea! He is the darling, traditional and infallible business card. There are now other business card formats, digital, printed, square, round, transparent, but still a business card. It’s basic, your logo and contacts. Of course, why not increase, dare, do something in a fun, different way, that catches the eye? that’s why design is there. You also don’t have to spread it around anywhere. Be strategic and deliver to those who will be able to direct you to good deals. Be efficient and think about the environment, shall we agree?

Schedule a visit or make a call

How about making a call, paying a visit to your client, showing your portfolio, delivering a sample, explaining in person or even by video call? This link, personal contact generates synergy and can be very beneficial. People buy from people, people buy stories, values. If you can demonstrate this through a chat you are in profit.

Be active on the internet and social networks

Post content, post your product, whether through posts, videos, explore the benefit of the internet, it doesn’t have to be perfect, but keep your brand in people’s minds. You know more than anyone else that not only your product but your niche, so talk about it, tips, talk about how to use your product or service and spread knowledge. Who gives with open arms always receives something good in return!

Make your customers love your brand

But how so? Yes, generate loyalty, make them love your company to the point of recommending it to others, post a photo to friends on social networks for free !! Use and abuse the testimonials, they are very valuable for building the credibility of your company.

Not only sell a product but also sell a story, sell values and a mission that you really do. It makes people love your brand! But only promise what you can keep! Exceed expectations when they are least expected!

Strengthen the local presence

Nowadays with great competition, small businesses often end up being swallowed up by the market, right? Stifling for small business owners !! For this reason, strengthening relationships with the local community and informing them in their materials, participating in events, getting to know their surroundings, forms of dissemination is crucial, after all, it is much easier to get to know, reach those who are close and you know them, people also identify themselves a lot and are increasingly supporting the local business. So get involved, explore these tools and if they don’t exist, this is a good opportunity to create, isn’t it?


Isn’t that basic? Yes, having a visual identity, logo, font, way of communicating, colors, everything defined and standardized is the first step you can take to publicize your company, even if not yet professional, try your best to maintain consistency and consistency. a cheaper way for people to recognize you and come back, after all, it’s the same as walking on a road without identification signs, you don’t know where you are, where you’re going to, why you came. You need to identify, and you need to have an attractive, consistent, and communicative design. Always create communication and marketing materials with a design that people want to save and use, this will make you memorable.

View here some branding examples


Another very interesting and inexpensive way to advertise your business is to advertise together, you advertise a partner company and vice versa. Be sure to relate to any product, brand, or service that has something to do with yours in some direct or indirect way, common sense here but if used well it can bear many fruits and strengthen each other.

Produce content

Whether through a website, a blog, an email marketing, a social network, a YouTube channel, invest in creating content of interest to your audience, people consume whom they trust, and one thing attracts the other, the sale is often automatic because that bond of trust was created and the sale was an influence.

Search for a specialist

But didn’t you say cheap? Yea! looking for a professional, specialist in Marketing (we recommend hello Nina), Photography (we recommend (Livia Paladini) and Design can be much cheaper than you think.

And that this is our last of our 10 ways to advertise your business list.

Each one has its specialty and even more, speaking of small business we never have time for anything right? Or we try to have time for everything and in the end, we run a great risk of going wrong. So, time and money savings are always welcome. If you can invest in a professional, a designer, a specialist in communication and marketing you will achieve your results much faster and much more efficiently since he knows what he is talking about.

In a nutshell

There are many more than 10 ways to advertise your business, these were just a few to get you started and put into practice in a simple way and with a low investment.

I hope this content has been useful to you !! Keep an eye on our blog that soon we will bring more content to help you promote your business, get ahead of the competition and stand out.

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